“You Are Not Yourself When You Are Hungry”: Snickers Removes Homophobic Ads After Critics

Snickers Removes Homophobic Ads After Critics

In the 20-second ad, the pink-clad blogger transforms into a more “masculine” version of himself after eating the ice cream maker.

Snickers, a chocolate bar company, has launched a controversial TV ad in Spain in which popular Spanish blogger Aless Gibaja transforms into a bearded man after taking a bite of ice cream from the manufacturer. The 20-second video was criticized for homophobia, and Snickers has already announced its removal.

The video shows a blogger at a beach bar with a friend asks the waiter for “sexy orange juice with vitamins A, B and C.” In response, an employee of the establishment offers him Snickers ice cream. After tasting the treat, the blogger turns into a bearded man with a deep voice. Next, the ad is a classic technique for this manufacturer’s ads – a blogger’s friend asks: “Better?” – to which Gibaja replies: “Better.” At the end of the video, the slogan “You are not yourself when you are hungry” appears.

In turn, the Spanish State Federation of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals on Twitter criticized the video.

“It is a shame that there are companies that continue to support stereotypes and promote homophobia,” the organization said.

A similar opinion was expressed on the social network by the Spanish Ministry of Equality Irene Montero, asking the question: “I wonder who might think it is a good idea to use homophobia as a business strategy.”

Already on Thursday, August 5, Snickers Spain announced the removal of advertisements from TV channels in Spain.

“The brand takes the right to equality and inclusion very seriously (…) The goal of this particular campaign was to show in a friendly and casual way that hunger can change your character. We had no intention of offending any person or group. We regret the misunderstanding and, in order to avoid spreading a message that could be misinterpreted, we will immediately remove the (advertising) campaign,” the manufacturer said.


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