In 2021, TikTok is obligatory for almost all mass markets of brands

In 2021, TikTok is obligatory for almost all mass

TikTok is a must for almost all mass market brands.


Economic efficiency

The budgets of even the largest companies are not rubber, and if similar coverage and results can be obtained through existing sites, then there is no point in promoting a new one.

Stability of the trend

Popularity in the world is not always equal to popularity in our country, so pay attention to your region. If after the first hype the trend had not resisted, it would be sad. Worse than a bad brand page is only an abandoned one. Now enough analytics and historical data have gathered to say that the site in our region is stable and continues to grow.

Instagram in crisis

The influx of new audiences is minimal. Algorithms, organic subscriptions and even advertising are extremely low. The social network is very unhappy with big brands and creators, because it does not have a working affiliate profit program for creators (like, for example, YouTube). The main way influencers make money is working with brands. But, on the one hand, Instagram forces you to mark branded posts and stories, on the other hand, it “cuts” the reach on them. At the same time, it does not give organic growth to either creators or brands. We have that a blogger places an advertising post, receives a small audience coverage, and therefore the next time the brand pays him less money. But even a new post gets little reach, and it turns out that the brand pays even less, and this turns into a kind of vicious spiral. At the same time, the creator does not receive a new audience from the platform, spits and goes to TikTok, and there are a lot of organics there now. The creator is followed by the audience, followed by the brands. Instagram is trying to do something about this: they added Reels (in fact, they built TikTok into Instagram), a couple of weeks ago, their CEO announced that they are moving away from photo content in the direction of video. Mark Zuckerberg recently tweeted that Facebook is committing $ 1 billion to its creator affiliate program (yep, like YouTube). But there is an impression that it’s all late.


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