Principal example of creative advertising from Procter & Gamble

Principal example of creative advertising from Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is one of the largest advertisers in the world. In 2020, the Cannes Lions International Festival honored the company with a special title: Brand Marketer of the Decade.  Conquering new markets, the brand is not afraid to be funny, fight stereotypes and talk about taboo topics. The brightest advertisement for this company:

Gillette: what kind of razor do Indian men need?

In 2007, Gillette decided to increase its share of the Indian market and developed a new and improved razor by adding blades. The marketers selected Indian students who studied at the University of Massachusetts in the United States as a focus group for the product test. They tried the razor and were delighted with the improvements. For some reason, only in India the product was not sold. To find out the reason, 20 representatives of Gillette, including engineers, went to India. For three weeks, they studied how more than 1,000 representatives of a potential target audience live. It turned out that the men did not need extra blades at all. Living in houses without electricity or bathrooms, they shaved in the room, without a mirror, sitting on the floor in front of a mug of water. This often happened before dawn, when the house was dark. The main problem was that the razor clogged without running water, and the main challenge was not to cut yourself in such conditions. The engineers took up the revision. First, they removed the extra blades, leaving one, and then figured out how to reduce the cost of the razor as much as possible. The number of components was reduced from 25 to 4, even the handle was made empty. A year and a half later, the Gillette Guard model appeared, which fully met the needs of Indian men and was cheaper than the most popular local razor. As a result, the brand gained market share: by 2013, two out of three razors sold in India were from Gillette.


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