Ambassadorship: loyalty to the company’s products

Ambassadorship: loyalty to the company's products

Promotion of a product through a specific person began to be used in marketing decades ago. The concept of “ambassador” has passed in diplomacy into advertising thanks to the successful experience of Western colleagues.

Who is a brand ambassador

Translated from French, “ambassador” is translated as “messenger”.

From a marketing point of view, this is a person who communicates the ideas of the company, as well as promotes products to the target audience.

The task is to unobtrusively advertise the brand among the close circle of friends, subscribers, readers and fans. Typically, the messenger speaks at events, publishes or provides image content, referencing the company name, filming videos or giving interviews.

Therefore, a brand ambassador is often a media personality, a person who regularly appears on television and has a large number of acquaintances.

The art of being a messenger is all about selling a product delicately during small talk or a press conference.

What ambassador should do

The primary task of the brand ambassador is to build loyalty among the target audience. It is good if the ambassador has charisma and the appropriate authority, which means that with the regular mention of the name of the product or brand, the ambassador’s constant circle of contacts will begin to use it.
The second task is automatic promotion or word of mouth. Standard advertising channels are starting to lose their relevance and credibility. The Internet is literally teeming with various bots. Therefore, the target audience tends to believe the words of a specific person rather than a faceless robot.

The third task is to represent the interests of the company that owns the brand. Each business has a developed corporate identity, logo and business cards. But there are a number of other distinctive features: mission, vision, values that the company supports. The need for their native broadcast is becoming one of the tasks of the brand ambassador. For example, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been the face of Guerlain perfumery for many years. Viewers know her not only as the brilliant Mrs. Smith or Malificent, but also as a person with a kind heart.

Buying perfumes of this brand, customers identify themselves with this fragile and at the same time spiritually strong woman.

The messenger constantly revolves in circles where the proposed product is used. Accordingly, he hears feedback from customers and users, collects them and provides them to the company – such a move helps to work out competitive advantages, as well as to reveal dissatisfaction with the product in its infancy.

Advantages and disadvantages for business

Like any other marketing tool, ambassadorship has both positive and negative sides.


– Increasing brand loyalty and strengthening the reputation among the target audience of the product or service.
– Increasing the level of trust in the company, including through the personal qualities of the ambassador.
– Advertising. The brand ambassador becomes a living promotion tool.
– Continuous feedback from the audience. As discussed above, an ambassador is the first person to receive brand experience information. Insider data, if necessary, can be used as a tool for finalizing the product.
– Constant market monitoring. The ambassador is always in circles and can timely convey important information about a change in the opinion of a product in favor of a competitor, find out from buyers the advantages of their products and even adjust their opinion about the brand that is promoting.


– Remuneration of the ambassador does not depend in any way on the company’s income. Image work is, in principle, expensive, the more round-the-clock native promotion.
– Difficulties with confidentiality. The brand ambassador signs a contract for a fixed period of time. At the end of the term of the document, he may give out unsightly information about cooperation or products of the target audience. Remember, scandals run better.
– It’s even worse if yesterday’s brand ambassador starts working for competitors and gives them important information. Therefore, when drawing up and concluding an agreement with a brand representative, you need to be careful.


A brand ambassador will be a great way to build loyalty and strengthen the company’s image in the circles of the target audience. The only thing that should be taken into account is the geography of the business and the budget that we are ready to allocate for such marketing activity. Remember, investing in the name of a company and its ambassador is a long-term investment. Therefore, you should not expect the same rapid conversion from this advertising tool as from contextual advertising, for example.


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