Video of the Week: Adam Driver in Burberry Hero Commercial

Adam Driver in Burberry Hero Commercial

Actor Adam Driver has become the face of the new men’s fragrance Burberry Hero, and his video is the sensation of the week.

This week, Adam Driver has become the main newsmaker in the field of Beauty. Burberry has released a commercial in which the actor runs along the beach with a horse, dives and swims underwater, and then turns into a centaur.

Hero was conceived as a scent of adventure that has mystery and combines strength and refinement, athleticism and art. The composition was also composed of contrasting notes. On the one hand, there is freshness – bergamot, juniper, pepper, on the other – warm woody notes. For these purposes, cedar oil was used from three mountain systems: the Appalachians, the Himalayas and the Atlas Mountains.

Eau de toilette can be bought on the brand’s website. Burberry Hero went on sale on August 9.


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