Personal PR

Personal PR

The topic of personal PR is now one of the most relevant in the media space. It is deeply interesting and touches everyone.

Popularity & cargo cult

Many people now know the term “cargo-cult” – a term denoting a superficial imitation of something, without a deep understanding of cause-and-effect relationships in the hope of obtaining results similar to the object of copying. Often we try to copy someone else’s success in order to achieve our own. We create a copy of a person and hope to repeat his path, just portraying the outside. Focusing on the attributes of popularity, we often do not analyze what is the true goal of personal PR ?!

 Typical mistakes in personal PR

Very often, when we chase the result and just copy the external attributes, we make a lot of mistakes. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Mistake #1. Measuring success, according to the principle “someone else is so successful”

Personal PR is not a goal, it is a means to an actual goal. The story will work if it is unique, yours and about you.

Mistake #2. Believing that everything depends on “the right time and place”

Personal PR is working seven days a week. It is not enough to be in the center of the hype or just light up on a blue screen, so you will gain pseudo popularity, which will end as quickly as it began. In order to maintain your personal PR, you need to constantly be heard, broadcast your life in real time.

Mistake #3. Believing that with the growth of publicity, the hate will not affect you

The more visible you become, the more people get annoyed.  And that’s okay. Haters will become a part of life, direct their poison to the hype for yourself and everything will fall into place. Haters are your allies, even if they didn’t plan it.

Mistake #4. Blurring your image into several areas

Popularity is not rubber, you cannot stretch it on all spheres. If you choose one niche of your expertise, stick to it. You don’t need to understand everything.

Mistake #5. Considering public fuck up the end of a career

Personal PR does not forgive only one mistake – giving up.  Even if you backed down, you can always step over the obstacles and continue to step forward.


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