Clubhouse is now open to all users

Clubhouse is now open to all users

Finally, Clubhouse announced that it is coming out of closed beta and the app is now open to anyone who wants to join the club and tune in to the latest audio chats.

It’s even launching a shiny new identity for the occasion – a milestone for the audio media visionary – a new logo and color.

As Clubhouse explained: “We have removed our waiting list system so anyone can join. If you have a club, you can post your link. If you are a creator with an audience, you can involve everyone. If you are the host of a public event, everyone can attend. You can take close friends, classmates, family members, colleagues and anyone you like with you – on iOS or Android. ”

Clubhouse’s exclusive approach was instrumental in boosting its early hype: the Clubhouse invite has become a sort of status symbol on the Internet and is even sold on eBay for ridiculous money.

This peaked in February when Musk joined the Clubhouse chat.

But things have not gone so well since then for the noisy audio-media platform. Twitter soon opened its Clubhouse clone “Spaces”, while other apps also sought to take advantage of the hype around them with their own audio-social tools, and over time, new, more widely open, more accessible audio-social options seemed to replace the Clubhouse app for most.

But the Clubhouse is still growing. This is mainly due to the release of its Android app in May, which allowed more users to join in most regions, and since then the app has gained significant popularity in India, where most of the new users come from.


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