Digital PR and its features

PR, also known as public relations, is responsible for the image and brand awareness among the audience. It would seem that everything is clear. But with the development of online promotion, PR has split into traditional and digital, and sometimes these two types do not even intersect.

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy that aims to expand a brand’s online presence. Its focus is on interacting with bloggers, celebrities, in creating various materials for online media, in everything that makes it possible to get as many high-quality mentions on social networks as possible, as well as improve search engine optimization (SEO). This kind of PR helps you reach your target customers by appearing on sites, podcasts, and social media.

Digital PR tools:

1. Influence marketing

This can be brand advertising in stories, native integration of the brand in life, or the participation of influencers in events and brand activities in social networks.

2. Partnership

Brands collaborate with other brands and it benefits both. By choosing the right partner, online social media integration will increase awareness and improve everyone’s reputation.

3. Online media

There are publications that have completely stopped publishing printed editions and completely switched to online. But most still keep both formats, unwilling to accept the fact that online reach has long prevailed.

4. Event marketing

Presentations of new products are now almost always broadcast, if not in live brand broadcasts, then in the stories of invited influencers. Events are created specifically to increase awareness on social networks, and this gives its results.

How to Measure the Success of Digital PR?

Unlike traditional PR, which has limited metrics to work with, digital PR is more data-driven. Thanks to Google Analytics and other tools, you can track analytics that show how successful your PR campaign was. Therefore, we can say that digital PR is, to a certain extent, a more effective tool than traditional PR. While it generally reaches a smaller audience, it is targeted and relevant to your brand.


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