Donald Trump nevertheless created his own social network – Gettr is already available on Google Play and the App Store

Donald Trump created his own social network

The Gettr Android and iOS app is reportedly run by former speaker Jason Miller.

When former US President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter following the January uprising at the US Capitol, Trump’s team apparently decided to create their own version of Twitter.

According to Adweek, a program called Gettr quietly hit the Google Play and iTunes App Store last month with over 1,000 downloads from each app store at the time of this posting.

Politico reports that Gettr is headed by Jason Miller, a former Trump spokesman, adding that it is unclear how much Trump himself is involved with the project and whether he will create an account and use it to interact with fans.

The description of the program in both app stores says: “Gettr is a social network that has no prejudice for people around the world. Gettr has tried its best to provide the best possible software for its users, to allow everyone to freely express their opinion.”

The interface for both mobile apps and the desktop website is almost identical to that of Twitter. Gettr lists features including posting and reposting, commenting, image and video editor, and news sharing.

Gettr is available in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, French, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish, and is designed for ages 17 and up.


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