Three types of marketers

In every large company, the lion’s share of success depends on the marketing department. In this department, as in any other, many employees work. Each of them is engaged in their own business and contributes to the development of the brand, promotion, public relations, and increasing the company’s recognition in the market. Every marketer, if you take him away from the workflow during the workday, will say that his role in the company is very important, and that he is already thinking about raising his salary in the near future. However, there are different specialists inside the marketing department, and who of them performs the main tasks, and who is just “on standby” even if he is overwhelmed with work – remains to find out.

Regardless of the job title, all marketing, and PR employees can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • action generators – media professionals, advertisers, inventors, actionists;
  • generators of ideas – creators, draftsmen, inventors;
  • seekers of meaning.

And now, let’s take a look at them closer and find out who and which functions perform.

Marketers-generators of action

Once in the work environment, action generators with a special zeal take on advertising: distribution, control of information channels, coverage, meeting the deadlines for print and online advertising, controlling lead generation and resource traffic. If everything works, then the work is going well.

However, these participants in the marketing process are located at the maximum distance from the consumer. Their salaries are in no way, even indirectly dependent on the profitability of sales, brand recognition, or revenue. Their state is some kind of satisfaction from the use of money, from scale and scope, a kind of “responsible irresponsibility”.

The feeling that big budgets decide who to stay in the market, and who to leave, allows a huge number of media professionals to convert money into work from year to year.

Idea marketers

Creativity is everything for them! For example, if last year the project’s brand wall was made of wood, this year, it should sparkle and shimmer in the spotlights. If last month we used to make the usual flyers, then you definitely need to make leaflets this month. Few people are interested in the “why?” question! The main thing is not to repeat and constantly invent new creative techniques. And if there are no complaints about creativity – well, it’s good!

Idea generators live to satisfy their own need for creative work. They want to stand out from the crowd. They don’t even need a big salary, the main thing is not to limit the constant flow of thought and creative ideas.

Previously, the role of the creator was really great. Unique, designed, copywriting, creativity – these were the basis for success. Nowadays, while they were searching for the lost creative in the leaflet, the exhibition ended. While they came up with a banner for SEA, the goods were out of stock. As soon as they found the cause and method of differentiation of a new product, the market situation changed. They were remaking the company logo for a long time, but it turned out that the name was not patentable.

There are still many such “creative generators” among the adherents of the “great significance” of hand-out printing or the writing of long “selling”, but unreadable texts for the Internet. The role of the creator is important, but you should not turn creativity into the goal itself.

Marketers-seekers of meaning

Today, a big role is given to the observer of the market, processes, what customers write, and what they say. These marketing specialists are not analysts or experts in Excel. These are people, who spy on the environment and catch the nuances, meanings, spilled around, and in the market in which their subject of marketing turns. They are the ones who give rise to the ideas of the names of well-sold goods, brands, creative ideas of leaflets that are not thrown away by TA, ideas in ways and methods of distributing goods.

You know, everyone judges by themselves, and so do I. Less and less of things invented, are being invented in the office. Moreover, the idea is not born but peeped in a stream of random situations. An unexpected strategic decision may be in the field of psychology and aesthetics of the world, but not in the field of rationality. And I’m pretty sure that you understand that it’s not just about a marketing strategist. It’s about the ability to generate meaning at any of the marketing levels and the marketing management pyramid.

What is the difference between work, coming up with ideas, and finding the meaning?

Often a brilliant idea or a job well done does not make any real sense. This idea is valuable in itself for those, who are captured. It’s like when the organization of performance doesn’t always imply any qualitative result at the end – the process and satisfaction from the process are of great importance. So, some people tend to differ from others, and, inspired by this idea, do not think about how it will be perceived by others, and whether this difference makes sense. Some marketers coming up with bright promotions or expensive shows, completely forget about the goal of marketing or the goal of the company, which pays for all this “disgrace”. But is it worth it to “strain” if the same can be solved by other, not burdensome, and not so energy-consuming ideas?

And who is the most important?

Without generators of marketing meaning, creativity is great but doesn’t sell…

The media marketer will spend any money on any advertisement, just let him do so…

The seller doesn’t know how to promote, he only exchanges goods for money…

That is, if one of the above in the marketing department is absent, then a causal relationship will break, the bridge linking such an “elegant” company (or campaign) and the market will collapse.

But what is even worse, is the lack of a sense generator in the team. Imagine a creator with a great new idea for a booklet or a media marketer with a precisely optimized budget for SEA and both without sense?!


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