30 types of Instagram content for every day

Instagram today is an excellent source for brand promotion, as well as sales of goods or services. Today I want to talk about the types of content on Instagram, and how to make a simple blog into the one, where people would go and buy.

People come to Instagram for bright, inspiring, and eye-catching pictures and photos. Therefore, you must do it beautifully!

There are three types of content on Instagram: selling, informational, and entertainment. And each has its own function. Today I’ll try to describe an approximate content plan for a month at a frequency 1 post a day and tell you how to make an excellent and, most importantly, selling blog out of a regular Instagram account in 30 days.

Informational content

The first thing to think about when creating a selling blog is trust. Without trust, there will be no sales. Informational content serves for this purpose. It should be useful to the audience, and therefore, give an expert assessment. Followers should see you as a professional, and the pros are credible. Your daily posts in the news feed should be stylistically designed and recognizable. At the same time, information content should demonstrate the merits of your goods or services, each time showing the product from different angles. Information content should occupy approximately 50% of all posts.

What is the information content:

  • reputational content that talks about your successes and achievements;
  • industry news, trends;
  • product or service reviews;
  • posts revealing the characteristics of goods;
  • publications about the company’s life;
  • your backstage, the process of creating the product, secrets and highlights, useful tricks, photos from the production, and the process of using the product.

Instagram content ideas

  • Photo of the goods. Enter the heading “product of the day” and tell people, why this particular product is worth attention;
  • Answer the most popular questions by photographing your product or use colored pencils, paints, brushes, sketches for photos;
  • Tell followers about your plans for the day, photos of notebooks and pens are suitable;
  • Tell people about the “kitchen” of your production, use photos from the backstage or photos of the team;
  • Use newspapers and magazines to talk about industry news;
  • When speaking about the company’s history, antiques, jewelry, cutlery are suitable;
  • Tell followers about the distinctive features of your product, compare products from different lines;
  • Use photos of people talking about planned events, exhibitions and marathons;
  • Bouquets and beautiful flowers are suitable for describing the holidays and the company’s anniversary;
  • Shed light on the misconceptions associated with your product, destroy the myths about your company. For this, use either photos of the product, or something related to it;
  • Use photos of employees to tell about funny stories and people who work for you;
  • Talk about novelties and forecasts, trends in the industry;
  • Show the tools with which you create your product. Write how much time it took to learn your job;
  • Tell interesting facts about products, provide statistics. And as an illustration, the technique is suitable: phones, tablets, cameras, and laptops.

Entertaining content

Entertaining content is an integral part of a blog. Without it, your page will be boring and not interesting to anyone. We engage the passive reader in communication, increasing his loyalty. About 20% of all your content should be entertaining.

Entertainment content includes:

  • provocative posts;
  • polls, contests, sweepstakes, quests, and marathons;
  • atmospheric posts to create the mood.

Ideas for entertaining posts

  • Take a photo of your breakfast meal or a cup of coffee, wish subscribers a good morning or day;
  • Tell people something useful and inspiring by showing a book you love or read, or a movie you’ve recently watched;
  • Kittens are our everything;
  • Selfie with the product will help to describe the unusual method of use, make the audience laugh, and the number of comments will grow at once;
  • Cosmetics, nail polish, lipsticks, gloss – these are all girls love, and they are the main Instagram audience;
  • How much is your product needed while tripping? Ask your followers to tell you about their holidays. Post a photo with sunglasses, a hat, or plane tickets;
  • Product packaging is important, write about your feelings when you open products and anticipation from surprises and gifts inside;
  • Useful tricks and life hacks can be illustrated with sand, grains, and even nuts;
  • Kraft paper and wooden textures will help to talk about ecology, animals – to help our little friends. Motivate people to be kinder to each other and the world around;
  • Annoying little things in life happen to everyone, tell followers how the product helps to fight them. Pictures of beads, pins, and small items will help you;
  • Partners and friends are always good. Speak about them, share, recommend. The double benefit in action: you write a post about them, they write about you.

Selling content

And finally, we come to the most important – to sales. Now when people trust you due to high-quality informational content and feel loyal to you and your product due to interesting entertainment posts, you can start selling. It is selling content that provides an influx of new customers and profit from sales. We give it the remaining 30% of publications.

Selling content includes:

  • specific trading offers, promotions, information on discounts, sales;
  • posts clearly telling about the popularity of your product, sales information;
  • reviews and photos of real customers, customer stories about how they solved their problem with the help of your product, or its use in everyday life, photos with celebrities.

Ideas for selling posts

  • Write about promotions, photos of hands and gestures will help you with it;
  • Good review and photo of a happy product owner. If there’s no such – buy it!
  • Nice prices and special offers will be illustrated by photos of sweets and pastries;
  • Paper, letters, and envelopes will tell the story of the person, who solved the problem with your product;
  • A celebrity with your product, an interview with a star, or a popular blogger. The public person won’t advise bad things!

There are many content options. I tried to describe the most detailed examples of each type. Now, all that remains for you is to choose the appropriate types of content and optimize them for your type of product and target audience.

The volume of sales and the amount of profit depend directly on the quality of your content.

Every good post increases the likelihood of a purchase, and every bad post decreases it.

And finally, don’t forget to post daily, including holidays and weekends. I wish you success!


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