The contactless society

Change comes gradually. But major advancements of society are the result of war. The race for technological innovation is the strongest when it becomes a race for survival. The Corona pandemic has not only put the world in a race for vaccination, but also of innovation. Those innovations that will reduce the risk for contamination, will not only endure the test of profitability, but will also remain as part of our daily habits.

Face recognition with temperature readings, livestream and many other innovations will find a mass and reliable consumer market. Robotics will receive mass acceptance especially in hospitals, old age homes, and home care. Virusfree cars, elevators and all what we touch, or use must be rethought. Marriages through livestream and social occasions will change behaviour, social interactions, and expectations in an unseen way. The biggest change will be in transportation. 

Warren Buffett, the biggest and most famous investor has sold all his shares in airline companies. Theo business model of low cost flying accessible for all must change. Only the strongest with the biggest support of the governments will survive. On the ground governments must make a lot of infrastructural works. When mass transportation in trains, busses, and teams become if not dangerous, certainly uncomfortable, the roads are in danger to become overcrowded by cars. Bicycles and especially electric bicycles will become the new natural way to get to work. Individual transportation that doesn’t take too much place is the new norm. Maybe, after all, the society will return to a more breathable level, one where private space will become the most important asset. For myself, I identified already the companies which could thrive in this environment and I invested accordingly.


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