Thought leaders or 2019 is a year of changes

Thought leaders

Thought leaders or 2019 is a year of changes

It is perfectly logical that modern people are tired of the endless stream of content from celebrities. Which, in turn, in recent years, not sickly spun the machine for the production of suitable and not very content. That is why opinion leaders are now becoming our new best friends. People, with subscribers from 20 to 100-200 thousand, from the side of advertisers are more loyal, truthful and more personalized. Leaders of opinions more intelligibly activate brands with which they work.
Amillidus has successful experience in creating a brand of a leader of opinions and its competent promotion. A prime example of this is Elvira Gavrilova, Editor-in-Chief of Financoff magazine (@elviragavrilova_official). Financial indicators which increased by 230%, after our comprehensive promotion.

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