AI in marketing

Until now, AI in marketing has been relevant in the field of analytics, forecasting, personalization and automation. Creativity is the only thing that has remained untouched for a long time. But now there are many examples of how AI contributes to the human creative process and in many respects imitates it.

Creation of texts. Already, AI can write publications based on existing ones. So far short news such as weather forecast, competition results, etc. can describe.

Writing music. A team of programmers from Toronto has created a neural network, which downloaded 100 hours of music. On its basis, the AI ​​created the original Christmas song.

Visualization. Generative-competitive networks are machine-free learning algorithms that are capable of forming a realistic image based on the usual description of the subject. This process can turn the phrase “a small orange bird with a large beak” into a realistic image.


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