4 major technology trends in 2019

The large telecommunications company Telenor made 4 major technology trends in 2019.

1. Deepfake – content
Deepfake is a powerful tool that came about as a result of combining in-depth artificial intelligence learning and false news, and will be based on fake photos and videos. It is predicted that in 2019 Deepfake – the content will become so advanced that it will be very difficult to distinguish the fake news from the real one.

2. Ethical question for AI (artificial intelligence)
Telenor predict the establishment of a framework for controlling AI. This technology is developing rapidly in recent years, so government agencies and private companies plan to make these systems transparent and secure.

3. Introducing bots into home devices
In 2019, chat bots will begin to spread, controlled by voice. Primarily, this technology will be used in home devices. With their help, you can literally communicate with technology.

4. Ecotechnology
The UN Climate Change Report provided an extra reason to reflect on the changes that are occurring on our planet. According to Telenor, services such as car sharing, bicycle rental and electric cars are gaining popularity. More and more people are beginning to realize their responsibility for an environmentally clean future.


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