Christmas ads campaign and new design of Starbucks cups


Since 1997, Starbucks began a Christmas ads campaign, which was accompanied by a new design of cups and a festive menu. Each year, the design was modified, which attracted customers and increased demand. But in 2015, the chain of coffee shops decided to go into minimalism, painting the glass in one red color. Such a move was met by customers with a stream of disturbances in social networks, talk shows, and the popular hashtag #ItsJustACup appeared on Twitter. Nevertheless, such a laconic marketing campaign increased sales by 12%, compared to last year. Develop a non-standard concept for your brand, always meet with rice, which it can not accept. But only informed decisions can bring success. This year we carried out a rebranding for the glossy magazine Financoff and got good results: we increased our target audience by more than 200%, due to the number of requests from customers increased by 112%, and financial indicators increased by 184%.

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