The tarnished reputation of Burger King

The tarnished reputation of Burger King

Today we will talk about the tarnished reputation of Burger King. The chain of fast food restaurants received a lot of complaints about photography in the nets. On it, an employee in boots stood on containers with lettuce. The image quickly went online and took out a big wave of disturbances. The publication was accompanied by the text: “This is the kind of salad you eat at Burger King”. The employee was tracked down on geotags and fired along with those involved. Brands are often slandered by reputation. In such a case, our company is ready to offer the “Reputation Management” service. During our work with TT consult Vietnam, we removed more than 1,000 customized negative reviews, displaced 2 negative sites from Google, and as a result, we were able to increase our financial indicators by 76%. Read more about the service on the website:

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