Creation of the Toyota logo


Today we will tell about the creation of the Toyota logo. But now we are not talking about the oval badge that we used to see. The first design consisted of the letters Katakana – a graphic form of the Japanese alphabet. Even then the company was called Toyoda, but because of the attractiveness of the design, they changed it to Toyota. The company has become familiar with the company logo in 1989. And there are three most popular versions of its meaning. First: the two perpendicular ellipses in the center symbolize the strong relationship between the client and the company, and their combinations symbolize the “T” booth – the first letter in the company name. The second: within the emblem, if you look closely, you can see every letter of the word “Toyota”. Third: the two central ellipses symbolize a thread that is threaded through the eye of a needle – a tribute to the weaving past of the company.

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