Where do you read news from?

Where do you read news from?

Our information space is bursting at the seams of the amount of news. Researchers at the Institute of Journalism in Oxford believe that trust in well-known news brands is important in this situation. They conducted an experiment to find out how well people remember the names of news sources. Subjects received the news through a search engine, social network and directly through the site, and after 10-48 hours a survey was conducted. According to the results, it turned out that in 81% of cases the publication is memorized, if they go directly to the news site, in 37% through a search engine, in 47% – the social network. Researchers were convinced that people rely on news brands, and on the basis of this they trust in certain messages. Creating a recognizable brand is one of the most important tasks in marketing. Our cooperation with Elvira Gavrilova began with the full creation of the brand “Elvira Gavrilova”, and after half a year of cooperation with us, sales increased and the brand became self-sustaining. More information on the site: https://amillidius.com/

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