Helsingin Sanomat draw attention to important topics


The Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat has conducted a campaign to draw attention to the most unpleasant topics of this year. Since the holidays are coming soon, the authors of the idea decided to make sweaters with the display of such problems as global warming, plastic in the oceans, wars, etc. The publication believes that the purpose of journalism is to show the truth, convey it to society and focus attention until the problems are solved. A series of articles is planned, which will consider each of the above topics. To draw attention to your appeal and the brand you need to use only original techniques. Cooperating with the magazine Financoff, we conducted a rebranding, which was positively met by the readers, and thus doubled the number of target audiences. It’s time to refresh your brand, leave a request on our website: https://amillidius.com/.

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