Facebook continues to develop trading functions in its social networks


Facebook continues to develop trading functions in its social networks. The company is already testing the possibility of sales in the online broadcasts. How it works: the seller demonstrates the product and tells about it, if the buyer wanted to buy it – he takes a screenshot and sends it to the seller in Messenger. In the application, you can take orders and payment from the usual chat. The company believes that such a function will give users a new experience and a deeper understanding of the essence of the product. We want to note that with the advent of new features – there is a greater number of competitors. Our company is ready to help you take your business to a new level. Having developed a marketing strategy for the Center for Exchange Technologies, we have increased their financial performance three times over the past six months of work. You have the opportunity to repeat their success. Leave a request on our website: https://amillidius.com/

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