Voice Robot helped call center on Black Friday.

Voice Robot helped call center on Black Friday.

Robots are increasingly appearing in our lives. The sales platform KUPIVIP launched a voice robot that helped the call center during Black Friday. The tasks of the bot included: ring up inactive customers, inform about the action and classify them. As a result, the conversion increased from 6% to 8%, compared to the call center staff. This is not surprising, because the project was prepared for several months and worked through a large array of scenarios. But, there are projects that you do not trust the machine, for example, integrated brand management, which consists of SEO, SMM, and PPC services. During our work with the project TOP 100, we have increased subscribers in the social. networks by 155%, as a result of which their financial indicators rose by 220%. Read more about the services on our website: https://amillidius.com/

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