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Lead generation is getting information about people who have expressed an interest in purchasing your goods or services, i.e. about the representatives of your target audience. The purpose of the lidogeneration is the conversion of visitors interested in your product into potential buyers.

Of course, you can engage in attracting the right customers manually. But it is much more effective to use special solutions, the best of which is the product “Ami-Lead” from the advertising company “Amillidius”.
“Ami-Lead” gives unique advantages over other ways of lidogeneration:

  • the first results are visible on the second day after the introduction
  • advertising is shown only to those people who have a real interest in the promoted product or service
  • the result of the advertising interaction is specific and visible – the left application
  • payment goes only for real leads
  • the most accurate calculation of the conversion.

According to statistics, more than 80% of Amillidius customers pay for this technology two months after its introduction.

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