The most mass action in the history

WWF, Earth Hour

The problems of ecology are very important problems. It has long been no secret that the climate is not changing for the better.

In 2004, the WWF organization collided with scientific data on this. So, there was a problem, but there is no idea how to attract public attention. Later, WWF appealed to the advertising agency Leo Burnett Sydney, and the concept of “Earth Hour” was born.

The action takes place on the last Saturday of March from 20:30 – 21:30 local time, and calls everyone to turn off the lights and other non-vital electrical appliances. The event has become so massive that turn off the highlight of many famous monuments, state institutions, commercial companies. According to WWF, already in 2009, it became the most mass action in the history, having received the support of more than one billion inhabitants of the planet. And last year, it was attended by more than 180 countries.

Of course, the share itself does not affect the environment, but attention, more people will start to think about the importance of this problem.

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