About Amillidius

Amillidius, digital marketing strategy

How it all began

Web-studio Amillidius was founded in 2010 and initially specialized in creating websites and their promotion in search engines (SEO), PR and SMM. Later, the contextual and context-based advertising (PPC) in the Google and Yandex search engines became a separate line of business.
Customers who used the SERM service received a high-quality positive issuance for branded requests of their companies, which allowed to increase the flow of customers to their site in the 3rd and to increase the average monthly check for their services and goods in the 2nd.

In 2015, it was decided to develop its own “Strategy for supporting the quality of positive issuance for branded requests and reviews about companies.”

The main direction

At the moment, the activity of the web studio covers almost all areas of the digital industry, but the main direction remains control and protection of the reputation of individuals, companies and brands in search engines.


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