Lego bypassed all

Lego bypassed Apple

The Reputation Institute conducted a study in the countries of the European Union to determine the top 100 most reputable companies.

Below is the list of the top ten:
1. Lego 2. Bosch 3. Rolex 4. Sony 5. Samsung 6. Canon 7. Michelin 8. Walt Disney Company 9. Adidas 10.Amazon

As we can see, Lego became the leader. What is the reason for such a victory? Researchers explain such success by the fact that the company has a strong corporate brand, which is not inferior to social goals. This is evidenced by the recent launch of an environmental designer made from sugar cane. Also, Lego in its advertising campaigns often raise social and environmental topics.

“And where is Apple on this list?” – you ask. This question has already been answered by Michele Tesoro Tess, executive vice president of The Reputation Institute. According to him, the company faces a potential reputation risk, selling a product that does not meet the expectations of customers.

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