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Recently, leading companies have begun to pay more attention to virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality.
For example: Google released Google Glass, Apple products support AR applications, not to mention panoramic video on various services. More recently, Facebook has made its contribution to the promotion of 3D technologies.

Previously, the company had already imagined photographs with depth. The bottom line is that by changing the angle of the phone – the angle of the photo angle changes. But now, they went further. Facebook has implemented in its project the possibility of publishing three-dimensional objects, with which you can interact. Extremely convenient function for commercial purposes, if there is no opportunity to see the goods live. While the function is available for organic posts, but will soon open for advertising purposes.

Also, we want to note that there are a number of requirements for 3D models:
– Only glTF 2.0 is supported;
– Maximum size of the model with all textures 3 MB;
– The sizes of all textures must be a power of two (1024×512, 1024×2048 and others).

With this update, the company has expanded the boundaries of content publishing and subscriber engagement for users.

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