The genius of resourcefulness. Joker Richard Branson

The genius of resourcefulness. Joker Richard Branson

Competition is the engine of progress. And also this is a severe war in the field of marketing. Sometimes companies just compete, and sometimes they look for an excuse to humiliate. In our history, such an occasion did not even have to be sought.

When the 20th century came to an end and 21 came on its feet, London decided to build a huge, now famous world-wide, London Eye. The sponsor was British Airways (abbreviated BA).

The construction was built, the support was put, but … the wheel itself could not be lifted and fixed. The whole London, all the leading media watched the process. And it became an excellent moment for the PR of a competitor!

The owner of the competing Virgin airline, Richard Branson took the opportunity. He launched an airship with the inscription “BA can not lift it” directly above the recumbent wheel! Of course, this PR move was incredibly successful. And he Branson has become almost the standard of resourcefulness among marketers.


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