With good luck by KitKat Mail

With good luck by KitKat Mail

We all know about KitKat. Marketers of the brand have been surprising the world with their unusual ideas for about 80 years. For years, the company has offered to “take a break”. They even created for this The TheFirstWorldWideWebsiteWereNothingHappens.

As it often happens, the brand name in different countries of the world is perceived in different ways. In Japan, for example, KitKat is consonant with the wish of luck kitto katsu. Who would doubt, the brand has found a way to successfully take advantage of this.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, the KitKat Mail project was created. In the usual store are sold boxes with chocolates. On the box there are address lines inherent in the mail parcel. Thus, anyone can wish good luck by sending a box to the box. And the cost of delivery is already included in the cost of the product itself.

And would you like to receive such a parcel from your relatives?


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