Expensive marketing. Predictions Walkers

Expensive marketing. Predictions Walkers

Many successful companies in their time were defeated. Not an exception and the British company Walker Crisp, more known to the world as Lay’s.

In 2010, Walkers announced an attractive offer – you buy a pack of chips, go to the site and predict the weather. If you guess, you get 10 pounds (about $ 16). A pack costs 40 pence (about 65 cents). Is it tempting?

The advertising campaign began in the autumn. In Britain, where cloudy weather and rain prevail. Soon it was a very rainy week, and it was simply impossible to predict wrong. Only this week the company lost more than 1 million pounds.

For all time, Walkers shares have lost a huge amount. But, although the losses turned out to be very high, the advertisement was a success. The name of the brand is well established in people’s memory.


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