3 social networks – 3 news

3 social networks - 3 news

Every day there is a lot of news on popular social networks. And today we chose the 3 most interesting.

Now in WhatsApp, you can also create channels in Telegram and Viber. It’s very simple: start a group chat, activate a special function in the settings, place restrictions on the sending of messages and, voila, the channel is ready.

In Instagram, everyone can now take a look at the blue tick of verified users. But not everyone will get it. However, by applying, you will secure your account in half, because you need to attach your passport. And then it will enable you to enter the network using cryptographic passwords.

There are changes in local social networks. Vkontakte, among other things, now you can configure the privacy of your personal page “for yourself.” You can even close the profile from your friends. Now you choose who can see what section of information.

There will be more. And what news is more relevant for you?


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