Telegram started fighting with terrorism

Telegram started fighting with terrorism

The Telegram will disclose information about users suspected of terrorism by special services. But this does not affect Russia in any way.

On August 14, Telegram made corrections regarding the scenario of cooperation with the special services. All requirements comply with the GDPR. If the user is caught in terrorism, the messenger will give the relevant authorities the IP address and phone number of the suspect. But this requires very strong evidence.

Russia will not touch this news in any way. there Telegram is still banned. But, probably, the reason is not only this.

In spite of new agreements with the authorities, Telegram is struggling for the personal data of its users. And this means that private correspondence will not be issued under any circumstances.

Recall that the Pentagon wants to create its “most anonymous and safe in the world” messenger. And while it is being created, Telegram not only defends the rights of people, but also helps in the fight against terrorism.


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