Round-up: 3 in 1. Youtube, Facebook, Google

Round-up: 3 in 1. Youtube, Facebook, Google

YouTube will become more advertising. Facebook will find similarities between users. And Google is improving its mailbox.

Until recently, only a limited number of users could use non-skippable advertisements, but now YouTube allowed to insert such ads on all channels. The maximum duration of such a video for all countries is 15 seconds. Restriction for only a few countries, including Europe, Africa, India – 20 seconds.

In turn, Facebook will allow you to learn more about strangers. Under usernames, comments will display information about the correspondences between you and the commentator. For example, “you are from the same city,” “you studied at the same school,” “you both work as marketers.” While available only in the US.

Are you worried about your e-mail privacy? Google added two new features at once. First, you can now cancel the sending of the letter, if you remember that you forgot to make attachments or changed your mind about sending. On this, you will have only about 5-10 seconds. Secondly, a timer for self-destruction can be set in the letter. The term of the established visibility of the message is from 24 hours to 60 months at the choice of the sender.

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It’s nice to realize that social networks do not stop there. Although not all news can be pleasant for users.


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