Enchanting failure, or as the balls filled the city

Enchanting failure, or as the balls filled the city

The best way to become famous is to do something enchanting.

In 1986 in the United States, United Way decided to announce itself, breaking the record for the launch of balloons. For several hours, 2.5 thousand people in a large Cleveland hangar inflated 1.5 million balloons. And then they were released into the open sky. The spectacle was unforgettable. As well as the further development of events.

At the time of the start it began to rain. In just a few minutes the balls lingered in the sky, and after they started nailing to the ground and dispersing the wind throughout the city. The traffic stopped at the same moment. The aircraft could not take off and land, and ships and boats approach the piers.

As a result of the flooding of the city, two boatmen were killed by the balls. The wife of one of them later sued the company for $ 3 million and a few million had to compensate the city for the damage. United Way declared itself, but it cost them a very great price.

Would you like to see the launch of one and a half million balls? Without such consequences, of course.

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