Unmanned delivery of coffee. IBM Drones

Unmanned delivery of coffee. IBM Drones

Almost everyone in the world has ever heard of IBM. It is a large IT company that has become a pioneer in this direction. Years before, Microsoft almost ousted IBM from the market. But they just did not give up…

Their main direction is software. But now they are more known for their unusual developments. And one of the last – the delivery of coffee with unmanned drones.

Drones will “patrol” the territory in search of people who lack caffeine. With the help of cameras with biometric sensors, they will identify those who have dropped the level of caffeine, and offer coffee, even if the person did not order it. This will be a kind of preliminary sale. And anyone can order an invigorating drink with a single wave of his hand.

On which only non-standard “tricks” do not go to the company to attract attention. Would you like to try a new invention in action?


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