Presentation is the main thing

Presentation is the main thing

Everyone knows the clown Ronald, representing McDonald’s. But this is not the only circus showcased in the advertising industry. A certain Phineas Barnum traveled around the US, collecting freaks and strongmen in his circus. But sometimes he was treated like a marketer.

In 1980, the owner of several steamer plants, Chester Dits, tried in every possible way to enter the market selling white salmon. But at that time America was already oversaturated by companies for catching pink salmon. Dits could not compete with them, and his white salmon seemed rotten to people.

In just 15% of the future profits, Barnum agreed to help. He suggested packing salmon in cans with the inscription: “The only salmon that does not turn pink from contact with the package.”

In a moment, sales have risen dozens of times, Dits’s plants have been working around the clock to fulfill orders. And Barnum received a fee, which he had enough until his death. What is true, he died a year later. But this is a completely different story.

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