Clash of the Titans: new rival of YouTube

Recently, Instagram began to lure YouTube bloggers, giving them the opportunity to better monetize with IGTV. But now both platforms have a new strong competitor – Twitch.

Amazon began to actively capture the media space, making a good competition for Google and Facebook. His online translation service for Twitch games is rapidly gaining momentum. Already, the resource is gaining 15 million views a day. For comparison, the daily number of YouTube views is 63 million.

Twitch entices Youtube stars, offering them a million-dollar earnings per year. The first who were agreed to turn to another platform were pranker Tanner Braungardt and the NBA. And the invitation was given to all the top stars from Gigi Gordes to Will Smith.

To Earn on YouTube is difficult even with hundreds of thousands of views. For sure, this will be the reason for the transition to a new platform.


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