Example of genius marketing: unusual fan

Example of genius marketing: unusual fan

In 2001, a creative director of the  Crispin Porter + Bogusky agency, Alex Bogusky was ordered to promote Mini Cooper in the US market. Then the competing mini-Cooper Volkswagen “beetle” was advertised everywhere, covering the best air time. Including, during the broadcast of the Super Bowl on American football.

But Alex figured out how to get around the opponent. At the end of the Super Bowl, he placed the scaffolds with his glaring cars on several bought stands. The picture looked like the “Coopers” watching the match together with the fans. Journalists simply could not remain silent, so all sports TV channels devoted a bit of airtime to “eye-catching”. And most importantly – absolutely free!

If you want to be recognized, make people talk about themselves. That’s how Bogusky did.


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