How to sell a rotten apple

How to sell a rotten apple

Throughout the centuries, it has been a frequent phenomenon that heavy work fell on the newcomers. This happened in the dispatch company “Jay Walter Thompson” in 1941.

The firm was ordered to send out apples. But the party was spoiled – beaten by frost and covered with black spots. Of course, this task was entrusted to the young, only who came to the company manager James Yang.

In order not to spoil the reputation of the agency, it was necessary to come up with an original way to get out. Pour apples with green wax or handle chemistry Yang refused. Instead, James added a cover letter to each parcel: “Pay attention to these stains. Apples were grown in the mountains, where frequent temperature changes are observed. This gives the apple a characteristic juiciness, sugar content and aroma”.

Do you think this worked? Still would! No customer returned the parcel. On the contrary, some even began to ask that the next batch be stained.

And what would you do in Young’s place?


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