Dewar’s: First a hype, and then sales

Dewar's: First a hype, and then sales

In the 19th century, alcoholic beverages such as brandy, rum, and gin were very popular in London. What cannot be said about whiskey.

Promoting unpopular products was not an easy task. But the enterprising founder of the family brand Dewar’s Thomas Deward found an effective strategy. First a hype, and then sales.

Thomas hired several people to go to pubs and bars and asked them to pour Dewar’s whiskey. Having been refused, disappointed visitors simply left the institutions. Of course, this drink was not even there. After several similar visits, Dewar himself followed, and as a result, he successfully concluded supply contracts.

After a hundred years, the same method used other alcohol brands. And he still worked.

And what interesting marketing moves do you know?


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