Starbucks vs Seattle’s Best Coffee

Starbucks vs Seattle's Best Coffee

Competition is a serious matter. It is difficult for small businesses to compete with each other. But large corporations sometimes find ingenious strategies to get rid of competitors.

In 1997, the popular international network of Starbucks coffee houses a serious opponent appeared – Seattle’s Best Coffee. They positioned themselves as “non-Starbucks”: not such coffee, not such service, not such furniture, not such design. All the haters of Starbucks went to them.

But the marketers of Starbucks have not lost their heads. A few years later, the corporation bought its competitor. Buy and eliminate is not a new strategic step. But Starbucks did better. They continued to make Seattle’s Best Coffee even more unlike Starbucks, exacerbating competition between networks.

Starbucks lovers went to Starbucks. Haters went to Seattle’s Best. But all the money went to the same owner of both competing coffee shops. And haters of the main network were captured, who otherwise would never have been able to conquer.


How to you such a deceptive move? Share your impressions in the comments.


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