Los Angeles graffiti for elected

Los Angeles graffiti for elected

A month ago in Los Angeles, there was graffiti for the elite. Selected were “verified influenza”. Only they could be photographed near graffiti.

Of course, the local residents were outraged. They criticized the authors for such a questionable prohibition. But they could not do anything – there was a tent with graffiti around the clock, which did not let those who had less than 20 thousand subscribers to the picture. Or if they haven’t verified accounts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

As it turned out later, such a ban was a non-standard marketing move. Graffiti was a satirical advertisement for a new show about modern trends Like & Subscribe.

The original purpose of this move was to distribute graffiti using popular bloggers. But this is the declared goal. We believe that the authors counted on the uproar around the ban.

Some still managed to bypass the guard and do selfie against the background of “angel wings.” This added an agiotage situation. That uniquely affected the benefits of marketing operations.

Two days later, the tent was removed. In Twitter written apologizes to those who could not be photographed. And graffiti became available to all comers.

The author of the trick ironically laughed at the Internet culture, showing how instagram-bloggers travel the world for exclusive photos. And how others envy it.

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How do you like this move? Write your impressions in the comments.


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