Android will be replaced by Fuchsia

Android will be replaced by Fuchsia

Google has irrevocably and repeatedly changed the world. Its Android operating system is used by a third of smartphones around the world. But everything once comes to the end.

For two years, a small Google development team has been working on the new Fuchsia OS. It should completely replace Android.

OS Android is almost brought to the ideal. But despite this, the system is not sufficiently protected from harmful programs and hacker attacks, for which the European Commission disliked it.

Android does not comply with the GDPR. To fix all system errors, it will have to be completely changed. Such a solution seems impossible. Unlike the creation of a completely new OS.

Fuchsia will become a universal operating system, designed for all types of devices – from smart hours to laptops. The focus is on voice control, easy adaptation for any screen size, high level of security and instant distribution of updates.

The official release date for the OS is not yet available. In any case, it was Android that formed the current smartphone market. And therefore quickly and completely replace it with Fuchsia will not work.


How do you feel about Android? Would you like to replace it with something much more convenient?


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