Instagram is testing two more new functions

Instagram is testing two more new functions

Instagram is testing two more new functions. Use the social network will be even more convenient.

— Users will be able to remove subscribers without a twinge of conscience and embarrassing situations.

Usually, the profile is created to attract as many subscribers as possible. However, sometimes subscribers do not meet expectations, which can negatively affect the quality of coverage of records.

If earlier you could only block the subscriber, then now you can delete it. Instagram entered the position of both sides. Therefore, notifications about the removal of the subscriber will not come.

— Also on Instagram, there will finally be an online mark.

If in all social networks known to us there are such labels for a long time, then Instagram will introduce it only now. When the user is online, a green dot will be displayed next to the profile photo.

You can hide your own online presence in the settings. For friends, you can also turn this feature off.

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