I Need Your Voice: Facebook

I Need Your Voice: Facebook

Quality advertising is needed not only for companies, organizations, and brands. Instead, not only to those who sell or organize something. Advertising is also used by politicians.

Amillidius refrains from covering political events and nuances. However, we could not pass this news out of marketing considerations.

Scientists from the University of New York analyzed the data of political advertising campaigns, opened with the new function of Facebook. The period from September 9, 2014, to July 4, 2018, was considered.

The largest buyer of political advertising on Facebook was the US President Donald Trump. For a political campaign in Facebook, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee will spend almost $ 200 thousand. In general, its ads have been shown to users 38 million times.

Trump’s political opponent, Hillary Clinton, has not even entered the top 10 list of the most expensive political advertising campaigns.

Thus, we can observe that Facebook is an effective advertising platform not only for selling its services but also for influencing the masses. In turn, Facebook itself began to tighten the regulation of political advertisers.

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