Facebook, Facebook, and Facebook again

Facebook, Facebook, and Facebook again

Recently, improving the quality of pastime on the Internet has become almost the primary task of giant companies. Top social networks and messengers every day please users with new updates and functions. And one of the first in their ranks is Facebook.


A new function is being tested. It will help protect users from scammers. Potential intruders will be screened out automatically.

The first call to analyze the social network account – writing a message to a person who is not on the friend’s list. Also, the factors of suspicion will be a rare online, inactive life on the network, suspicious content, a new registration.


Nobody is forgotten, nothing is overlooked. Facebook will add the function of storing stories Highlights. It will be displayed by a separate horizontal block, to which the user can select the name and background image. The stories in the block will not disappear after 24 hours, as is the case with conventional ones.


65 thousand traitors to the homeland. Facebook has a feature that automatically analyzes user activity. After that, it is applicable for targeting. 65 thousand Russians have found themselves as a “treason to their motherland”.

Previously, such interest was included in the list, being a historically significant concept. But after the expression of discontent, Facebook removed it. Such a tool for the state can be a desirable tool for repression.


And one more step in the struggle for quality is the function of decreasing posts with clickable headers. Now it has spread to 8 more languages: Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Hindi, Greek, Dutch, and Hungarian.

This concerns mostly those headlines that mislead users. For example, everyone knows the popular form: “Today a Ukrainian journalist came to an industrial plant, and there was SUCH A…”


 As always, updates are not ignored by advertisers. For them, Facebook announced 5 new tools for creating advertising:

  1. A tool for overlaying and verifying text. It will help you choose the font, position, transparency level of the text, and also inform about exceeding the allowed number of characters.
  2. Crop images for a format social network.
  3. Ready-made templates of advertisements.
  4. Forms, stickers, and logos for adding to the ad.
  5. Color filters to change the contrast, brightness, saturation and sharpness of images.

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It’s nice to know that Facebook does not stop there.

And what is the most exciting news for you?


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