Burger King monitors customers’ smartphones

Burger King monitors customers' smartphones.

The Burger King restaurant chain is famous for cooking meat on an open fire. Repeatedly because of this, their restaurants burned. But this time the network got busted in another way!

The Russian blogger and information security specialist fennikami published his analysis of the Burger King application. The results of the investigation are shocking!

It turned out that during the entire operation of the application on the mobile device, the company makes a continuous recording of the screen. It does not stop even when the user enters their bank card details. Recorded videos are sent to AppSee – metrics to measure user activity and evaluate interactions with the application.

According to the Russian branch of Burger King, with AppSee the company receives only impersonal analytics. After all, the metric is European and works according to the GDPR. All would be fine, but the regulation is aimed at protecting data only for users of the European Union. So most of the clients of the network are prone to data theft!

Users of the application and readers of pikabu and Habr did not lose their heads. Instantly on the pages on social networks and the recallers of Burger King went a massive attack of negative reviews. This is the second such flash mob for the beginning of the month.

Be careful. We strongly advise you not to use the application. GDPR concerns only the citizens of the European Union, so many of us remain at gunpoint.


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