Google, YouTube, and Facebook start a war with fake news

Google, YouTube, and Facebook start a war with fake news

YouTube and Facebook have long given the opportunity to conduct a profitable business in social networks. Content has always been an effective way to drive traffic to the site. And a tool to increase sales. But quality content is not used by all…


YouTube allocates $ 25 million for the start of the project to combat fake news. The joint efforts of YouTube and Google News will promote high-quality news videos.

Google will also sponsor the project. Companies will provide grants to support news organizations working with video formats. And also a working group will be created whose goal is to improve the quality of content on the resource.

Funding will be available in 20 markets. Authoritative media will be able to receive a grant on prior requests.


Facebook chose a different path for itself. The company bought out the London startup Bloomsbury AI, which developed the technology Cape. It is based on machine learning.

Cape will allow the system to answer questions about information received from documents. Also, technology will allow Facebook to solve other problems related to content. For example: improving the functionality of search and knowledge bases.

As for the team to improve the quality of content (as in YouTube), Facebook in May hired several thousands of moderators to check content for literacy, spam, banned data, etc.


Social networks are getting smarter. New algorithms force organizations to raise the quality of publications. And this is good news for those who create something unique every day.


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