McDonald’s – the conveyor of visitors. Marketing of the world chain of fast food restaurants.

McDonald's - the conveyor of visitors. Marketing of the world chain of fast food restaurants.

A fast food restaurant is not a quick order fulfillment. This is a strategy for fast food intake – when everything in the restaurant is directed to the minimum time spent on it. McDonald’s is a conveyor system for customer service. Today we will talk about the tricks of McDonald’s.


The design and toponomy of the hall are arranged so that the visitor can not completely relax and have fun. This provokes to accelerate and go away as quickly as possible.

– The tables are arranged in such a way that there is a constant sense of the presence of other people. For example, people walking behind their back and touching their neighbors with their neighbors because of the small size of the table.

– Narrow corridors help people to cling to each other. And there was a feeling that something was about to fall on someone else’s tray.

– Rapid furniture is intentionally used.

– There are no seats in many European restaurants. Only standing places behind high bar tables.

– Sockets are missing or especially disabled. It was designed so that young people who came for free wifi could not permanently hammer the hall with their laptops.

– Fast, energetic music, setting a subconscious pace for eating and encouraging instead give way to others.

– In America, the visitor is given only half an hour for eating food. At the end of the term, the guard may begin to hurry.

The conveyor system works not only due to the unique creation of inconvenience in the halls. McDonald’s has unique requirements for behavior and recruitment.

– Each cashier is given exactly 60 seconds to order from one visitor.

– All phrases are learned by staff and do not contain the negation.

– When the visitor does not specify the size of the portion, the cashier must break through the largest one.

– Sellers are always supposed to offer “something else.” Usually, these are products whose expiration date is coming to an end.

– Employees in the kitchen are continually changing the processes performed to reduce the probability of error due to monotonous work

– To create a kind of cleanliness and quality in the kitchen, the rules require employees to take a mop in their spare moments and clean up.

– In many countries where the chain is located, corporate rules prohibit hiring attractive girls. Cashiers should not be beautiful. Therefore, they are also given a specially designed uniform.

First, the monotony of the staff creates a trend for a “family restaurant.” Secondly, wives can be calm, because their husbands will not stare at the beautiful waitresses.

There are still a lot of interesting facts about the marketing and corporate activities of the McDonalds network. Among them, a terrible state of cleanliness in the kitchen, a fast turnover of labor, frightening technologies for cooking food, etc.

However, the number of visitors does not decrease after tens of years. On the contrary, it only grows. People know that their favorite taste of potatoes and cheeseburger will not change after 5-10 years. Therefore, whatever the horrors the network is selling, its popularity will be unbreakable for a long time. And the credit to that competently built network marketing.


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