Instagram captures the Internet space

Instagram captures the Internet space

The social network is becoming more and more popular. Its updates come out more often than any other network’s. And here are a few new products from Instagram.


– With the latest update, a new feature has appeared – thematic channels. They are in the search box. Users can add their own or delete the suggested channels.

This will allow you to understand user behavior better. And after that will allow the advertiser to contact only those who will really be interested in his advertisement.


– Instagram hits all instant messengers, allowing you to make a call. After all, now officially launched the video link function. You can communicate with one person, or create a chat for up to 4 participants.


– There are also new “stellar” effects for the camera. They were created by Ariana Grande, Lisa Cauchy, BuzzFeed, NBA, etc. To get a new effect, you need to be signed by the author. This is another opportunity to attract potential customers for brands.


– It’s a trifle, but nice. Instagram will inform the user if he has seen all the news in the last 48 hours. This is another function of the social network, aimed at combating Internet addiction.


-A little announcement: very soon subscribers will be able to ask questions in the story. The length of questions and answers is not limited. The feature will be available in all countries.


Favorite social networks do not cease to present surprises. And most of all it pleases that this is not the end.


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